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3/3: Combating Kim Jong Un's Information Stranglehold

Interested in North Korea but feel hopeless and powerless as to what you can do as a college student on the other side of the world? Come listen to North Korean defector Jung Gwang Il and share your ideas on media dissemination into North Korea. Mr. Jung survived three years of incarceration at the Yodok political prison camp in North Korea, and managed to escape to South Korea, where he established an NGO called No Chain. No Chain (The Association of North Korean Political Victims & Their Families) works to abolish the prison camp system in North Korea; advocates for the human rights situation in North Korea; rescues at-risk North Korean refugees in China; and sends outside information into North Korea. Yale ThiNK and participants of the recent Yale International Relations Associations winter break research trip to South Korea will present their media project, a compilation of footage of student life, to Mr. Jung. Using helicopter drones, Mr. Jung will smuggle in the footage into North Korea’s black market, along with Hollywood movies and South Korean dramas. Learn about a simple, concrete way in which you can illuminate the most closed-off country in the world. If you have any photos, videos, or other digital media you would like to share with the people of North Korea, please send them to