3/1: The Role of Youth in Improving North Korean Human Rights

LC 101 4-5:30 PM Come meet and hear the inspiring story of Ji Seong Ho, who escaped North Korea and traveled over 6000 miles on crutches to freedom in South Korea. Ji is the founder and president of NAUH (Now, Action and Unity for Human Rights), an organization that broadcasts information into North Korea, rescues North Korean refugees from China for resettlement in South Korea, and carries out creative projects on the streets of Seoul to raise awareness about the human rights situation in North Korea. Ji received international acclaim for his moving speech at the 2015 Oslo Freedom Forum. He has been active in mobilizing students to take action on behalf of North Korean human rights. After losing his left arm and leg in North Korea, he has also been a champion for the rights of people with disabilities and a strong advocate for Korean reunification. At a time when media is almost exclusively focused on political issues such as nuclear proliferation and economic sanctions, come stand with Ji Seong Ho and ThiNK in solidarity for the actual North Korean people--those men, women, and children whom we often overlook.