Lindenbaum Music visits Yale for Panel Discussion

Can symphonies help bring peace to the Korean Peninsula? The Lindenbaum Symphony Orchestra, consisting of musicians all across the globe and a wide range of ages, is attempting to bridge the gap between the two Koreas through music by performing at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

At 7 pm on Tuesday, September 25th, a discussion panel was held at Sulder Hall featuring director of Lindenbaum Music Won Hyung Joon, YSO director Toshiyuki Shimada, YSO members Jacob Sweet ’17, Connor Reed ’19, and Eli Mennerick ’21, and Lindenbaum Orchestra members Tyler and Elliot Shin. The members of the orchestra shared their unique experiences performing at the DMZ, while Joon and Shimada reiterated the importance of raising awareness for peace amidst the recent tensions between North Korea and the United States.