ThiNK hosts Major Dongyoun Cho and Vincent Ni in "ThiNK Twice" Event


This one word carries a variety of emotions, some quite polarizing. On December 4th, ThiNK invited Major Dongyoun Cho and Vincent Ni to its annual "ThiNK Twice" event to discuss contemporary issues concerning North Korea and the global impacts such as reunification and policies.

Both Major Cho and Ni are Yale Greenberg World Fellows. Dongyoun Cho is an army major in the South Korean Ministry of National Defense, with 17 years of military experience. She also served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a project manager of the NAPCI (The Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative) Task Force. ​​Vincent Ni is currently a Senior Journalist at the BBC​​​​, where he ​reports​ ​in both English and Chinese​. Over the past decade, he has reported from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.​

Through engaging in civil discussion about such polarizing topics with such accomplished people like Major Cho and Vincent Ni, both Greenberg World Fellows were able to share their personal experiences with these topics and input the policies and steps into making reunification a possibility, as well as the foreseeable positive and negative consequences of reunification. Other topics, such as their occupation and their approaches to peace between North Korea and the world, were discussed.